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Talent Strategy Social Recruitment

Firstly, Thank you for your attention and support to our company. A better tomorrow of Hope Deepblue needs all of us together to create. We are looking forward to you been a member of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In order to let you find the suitable job, also in order to make your material properly as soon as possible, in personal data before delivery, please read the following contents:

1. The Development field of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is hvac refrigeration, we are looking forward to related fields of talents tojoin actively.

2. Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has acrossed the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, many positions will be working in the other place, please pay attention to the demand of our positions.

3. We have made detailed description about the requirements and qualifications of the post .Send your resume, please according to yourself situation, choose the suitable positions before send your resume. In order to avoid delay for data processing.

4. In order to improve the work efficiency, please delivery your resume online and must be full filled in the resume according to our standard . At the same time, the content is true and reliable, otherwise you will assume the relevant responsibilities.

5. We will look over your information comprehensive and detailed, and arrange the interview as soon as possible for you. If we think you will be better for the other positions, we will ask for your opinions before made the corresponding adjustment.

6. IF you did not receive our reply after you delivery the resume, indicates that this position is not suitable for you. We will put your material stored in talent pool, at the right moment may contact you again.

7. We need the applicant is healthy and no infectious diseases. Company will organization all the qualified staff to carry on the physical examinization, physical examination unqualified person will not be accepted. The Medical expenses borne by yourself.

8. The company required finance, sales, secretary, library tube, security, driversand other important post to provide a reliable guarantee. Security clearance to formal reporting for work.

9. When you was employed, personal resume, ID, education certificate, professional title certificate copy and health declaration, letter of undertaking etc. All of this will be kept in archives of the human resources department.

10. After reporting for work, pleaseThe first one, you must be understand your responsibilities, and carefully read the employee handbook and related management system, clear in this company you must abide by the rules and code of conduct.

11. Our company will provide pre-job training, on-the-job training standard perfect education training, but you can not be ignored by their own learning and to improve the quality of business.

12. Because of the reason of work and the individual requirements, is likely adjustment according to your position and post. Please according to the relevant provisions of timely handling personnel changes related procedures.

13. The company offers comprehensive promotion and development opportunities, through the internal talent market of standard operation, allowing staff competition mount guard and reasonable flow.

14. According to the "labor law", "Employee Handbook" and the company personnel management regulations, during the probation period, if you feel not suitable for work in the company, Please advance 7 days to put forward written resignation application. In the labor contract period, if you wish to remove or termination of labor contracts, shall be made the written application within 30 days.  

During the probation period, if we think you are not suitable for working in our company, we will notice you 7 days ago. In the labor contract period, if you can not do the work or serious breach of company regulations, we will be in accordance with the law and you dissolve or terminate the labor contract.

15. If you will leave the company due to various reasons, you should be related to work and business data clear transfer, complete the relevant financial and administrative formalities, party to leave, otherwise you will bear the relevant responsibilities.