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Quality assurance, customer service commitment to service and training plan

Quality assurance

1. To ensure all the goods supplied are new, unused, and using the best materials and the best technology, and in all aspects is accordance with the provisions of the contract the quality, specifications and performance requirements. Also, the supplier shall guarantee that the supplied of goods are consistent with the people's Republic of China State environmental safety standards,industry standards and such goods factory standards, in full compliance with the contract quality,specifications, performance.

2. Guaranteed the goods have been installed correctly, a reasonable operation and maintenance,in the life of a well-functioning goods. During the guarantee period, we received the notification of the user will timely repair or replacement for free. During the quality guarantee period, provided charge and replacement for the damaged equipment and components for free.

3. Ensure that stipulated in the contract the quality guarantee period, due to provide design, technology, manufacturing, installation, commissioning or material defects and all the suppliers responsibility caused by the line of any defect, fault and damage.

4. In the period of approach, installation and acceptance of completed provide the construction site, installation guide service by the technical staff, and free training owner operators. Shipment duringthe installation, presence of the site representative, onsite to solve problems, to put forward to solve the problem of time not to exceed 2 calendar days.

5. During the warranty period, the quality and safety issues of goods for handling and bear all costs.

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Warranty period

The bidding goods warranty : the period of the quality guarantee of the product is the since the commissioning of qualified acceptance date of 12 months or 15 months after delivery, whichever comes first.

The contract equipment within the warranty period under normal operation conditions and technical requirements of the bid is not in conformity with the specifications of the defect or fault, our side responsible for the free replacement, repair and debugs, replaced part of the warranty period will be counted as two years.