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Lithium Bromide Unit
LiBr absorption heat pump

1. Unit heating capacity:  350kW- 11630kW

2. Heat input: Steam, hot water, exhaust, direct fire.

3. Features:

“Cold bulge "type high pressure generator :Avoid brass pull, and convenient repair
Using a unique process, which realized without heating can heat reservation
stress goal, avoid high pressure generator without liquid brass pull accidents;
and is convenient for inspection

Mechanical and electric-controlled anti-freezing system: multiple anti-freezing measures
There are six antifreezing measures: the primary spray device in the evaporator is installed

at a lower place: the secondary spray device is in linkage control with refrigerant water and

chilled water; anti-clogging device; two-stage chilled water flow switch; chilled water circulating

pump and cooling water circulating pump are in link age control. These ensure that faults

such as chilled water break, underflow and low-temperature can be identified time and

protective measures be taken automatically to prevent tube freeze-up.

Hybrid automatic purge system with multiple ejectors and fall-head structure: ensuring fast vacuum pumping and maintaining high vacuum.
It is a new and high-efficiency automatic purge system. The ejector is actually function pump. Deepblus’s purge

system adopts many ejectors to accelerate pumping and increase the gas evacuation speed.

The fallhead structure can raise the vacuum degree and enable the unit to reach high vacuum.

This feature ensures the inside of the unit always remain high vacuum so that to prevent oxygen

corrosion, extend the life of the unit, and keep its best operating state.Can d structure design:

absorber solution dripping disc and evaporator refrigerant water nozzle can be disassembled

or replaced .Ensure the life period of refrigeration volume attention

Solution series cycle technology, simple and reliable system piping design: Simple

operation, reliable
Solution series cycle technology to make concentrated solution further away from the crystal

line, avoid crystallization, safe and reliable; the valve less, no solution regulating valve, coolant

water spray control valve, highpressure water agent regulating valve and so on, and potential

leakage points less, run or debug without operator adjustment, stable operation.

Hybrid automatic anticrystallization system combining leveldifference dilution and crystal

melting: preventing crystallization
Unit through its own solution concentration identification system to monitoring solution

concentration operation, with electric regulating value to drive a steam input, allowing the

solution run away from the line to prevent operation of concentration crystallization,

crystallization failure. All of a sudden power failure or abnormal shutdown, potential dilution

system rapid dilution of lithium bromide solution, eliminate abnormal shutdown unit

concentrated solution exists, avoid crystallization.
In case of abrupt power failure or abnormal shutdown of the unit, the level-difference dilution system will dilute the LiBr solution immediately to ensure the solution

can be diluted quickly after power supply resumes.

Mixed-flow circulation technology: a unique refrigeration process flow
Mixedflow circulation technology combines the advantages of serial flow and parallel and

can efficiently reduce the circulation amount of the solution and the loss of heat. Moreover,

the solution mixing technology improves the operation conditions of the unit and increases

the anti-crystallization effect. Therefore, the unit can run more stably and energy-efficiently.

Economizer: increasing output energy
The energy enhancer in the LiBr solution, isoctyl alcohol, is normally insoluble in water,

therefore is role as a energy enhancer is limited in conventional structure. The economizer

treats isooctyl alcohol and LiBr solution in a special way to make them join the generation

and absorption process, thus increasing the energy enhancing ability of isooctyl alcohol,

reducing energy consumption, and achieving energy conservation.

Mechanical and electric-controlled anti-freezing system: multiple anti-freezing measures

There are six antifreezing measures: the primary spray device in the evaporator is installed at a

lower place; the secondary spray device is in linkage is in linkage control with refrigerant water

and chilled water; anticlogging device; twostage chilled water flow switch; chilled water circulating

pump are in link age control. There ensure that faults such as chilled water break, underflow and

lowtemperature can be identified timely and protective measures be taken automatically to

prevent tube freeze-up.

Fine flash vaporization device: recycling waste heat of refrigerant
This device utilizes the waste heat of the refrigerant water inside the unit to heat the diluted

LiBr solution so as to lower the absorber heat load and realize waste heat recovery, energy

conservation and consumption reduction.

Self-adaptive cooling storage device: improving partial -load performance and

shortening start/stop time

It automatically regulates the storage amount of the refrigerant water according to the

change of external load. And during partialload operation, it automatically adjusts the

solution concentration to make the unit operating in the best state. The energy saving

effect is obvious. In addition, the cooling storage device shortens the start and stop time

greatly, thus reducing idle work.

Plate heat exchanger: over 10% energy saving
The stainless ripple plate heat exchanger is adopted, ensuring sufficient heat exchanger

high waste heat recovery rate and high energy conservation. And its life is more than twenty

Years because of the stainless material.

Special treatment technology for transfer tube surface: guaranteeing high-efficiency heat exchange and reducing energy consumption

The evaporator and absorber are hydrophilicely treated to ensure the uniformity of the

liquid film on the transfer tube surface, thus increasing heat exchange efficiency and

reducing energy consumption,

Inhibitor lithium molybdate: environmental-friendly
Environmental friendly inhibitor, lithium molybdate, is used in lieu of the heavy metal

inhibitor, lithium chromate.

Fully welded structure: reliable sealing

All points required to be sealed are welded by submerged arc,co2 gas shielded or argon

are welding method, avoiding the leakage which might be caused by threaded connection

or flange sealing.

Variable frequency control: energy saving technology
The operating condition of the unit is automatically adjusted through an inverter according

to the change of the cooling capacity, enabling the unit to maintain its optimal and most

energy-efficient operation.

Full automatic control function
The AI control system has complete and strong function: onekey start/stop, timing on/off,

safety protection system, auto adjustment functions, system linkage control, expert system,

human-machine dialogue and building automation interface etc.

Unique load-adjusting function
This function automatically regulates the  output load of the unit according to user’s actual

load ,greatly reducing the start time, shutdown dilution time, idle work, and energy consumption.

Unique circulating solution amount control technology
The circulating amount of the solution is regulated by controlling the HPG level, concentration

and temperature of the concentrated solution, instead of by simply controlling the HPG level

alone. And the solution pump is controlling by an inverter. All these techniques ensure the unit

operates with appropriate circulating solution amount, improve the operating efficiency, and

the start time and energy use.

Cooling water temperature limit control technology
By controlling the steam amount, AI limits the cooling water inlet temperature within the range

between 18 and 34℃,ensuring safe and efficient operation of the unit.

Complete self-diagnosis and protection functions
AI has 34 selfdiagnosis and protection functions and can automatically takes protective measures

according to fault degrees. This effectively prevents accidents, cases the labor of operators and

guarantees long-term stable running of the unit.

Intelligent automatic purge system
AI  monitors the content of noncondensable gases inside the unit in real time and starts or

stops the purge system automatically, or gives an instruction if manual purge is required.

Unique shutdown dilution control technology
Based on various conditions such as the concentration of the concentrated solution, ambient

temperature and current amount of refrigerant water, AI can control the run time of each

pump during dilution operation, ensuring an optimum concentration after shutdown of the

unit. This not only reverent crystallization but also shortens the restart time of the unit.

Parameter management system
AI is able to display, correct and set 12 key performance parameters of the unit through the

operation interface in real time, and record the operation history.

Fault management system
AI can provide detail information about failures when they occur, such as their locations and

symptoms, and give treatment measures and alerts through the operation interface, In addition,

it is capable of sorting and analyzing history failures, which would be helpful for repair and

maintenance of the unit.

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