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TongliaoThermal Power Station Xiangyang Big Delta T Heating Supply Reconstructi

TongliaoThermal Power Station

Xiangyang Big Delta T Heating Supply Reconstruction Project

Project location: Tongliao Thermal Power Station, Inner Mongolia

Equipment selection: 1 unit 9MW LiBr absorption heat pump

                                    1 unit 7MW LiBr absorptionheat pump

                                    1 unit 12MW LiBr absorptionheat pump

1 unit 3.5MW LiBr absorption heat pump

Main function: City heating

General introduction

TongliaoThermal Power Company was established in July 2006, by Tongliao Thermal Power Station and and Tongfa  Heating Supply Company. There are 4 unit CHPs with total power 60MW, and there are 5 unit boilers with steam  output 595 ton. The total annual power output is approx 430,000,000 KWH, the total annual heating supply is  about 6,500,000 GJ and the total annual sales heating is approx 8,700,000 GJ, which is the backbone force of city's heating network.

The external heating network directly managed by the company consists of 6 mainlines and 118 heat exchange stations. The total length of the main lines and branches of the external heating network is 62.4 km,  the total length of these condary network is 60 km, and the total length of the three times of theusers under its jurisdiction is 140 km. It has a heating network area of 10.49million ㎡ and is responsible for heating and heating of 75.6% of the residents in the main urban area of Tongliao city. It directly serves more than 100,000 households with a population of nearly 400,000. It is one of the few CHP enterprises with unified management of heat source and heat network in China.