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BaoTou SteelGroup BaoShan Thermal Station Waste HeatRecovery (EMC) Project

Project location: Baiyun Ebo Baotou Steel BaoShan Mining Company Thermal Station

Equipment selection: 2 unit 42.7MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump

Main function: District heating

General introduction

The thermal power station of Baoshan Mining Company of Bao Steel is equipped with two low pressure steam heat  pump units. The steam extraction of the steam turbine is used as the driving heat source to recover the waste heat  from exhaust steam condensation of the steam turbine and raise the district heat water return to 77.9°C.Then it entered  the first heating station to further increase the heat district heat water temperature to 85°C, which was used for the  heating supply of Baoshan and Barun Mining Company, replacing the Barun hot water boiler house.

Technical Data

Heatingcapacity: 42.7MW/unit                 Driven steam pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa(G)

Qty: 2unit                                                   COP: >1.8

Districtheating water: 77.9/60°C               Dimension: 10000*4720*5750mm

Lowpressure steam: 15kPa (A)                  Operation weight: 108t/unit

Steamconsumption: 27.87t/h


Two unit 42.7MW heat pump units recovered 36MW waste heat from steam, compared with the boiler heating  system, the steam consumption was saved by 60.2t/h. Calculated based on the central heating cycle of 7 months,  the heat  pump heating system could save steam amount of 303448t/y, save standard coal 30,000 tons/year, and reduce  carbon dioxide emissions by 7.96 tons/year. Finally economic benefits and social benefits can be achieved.