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Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Plant


Project name: Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Plant CCHP ( first phase)

Project location: Nanshan District,Shenzhen

Investor: Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Limited liability Company

Equipment selection: Two unit 4100kw steam LiBr absorption chiller

Main feature: Using CCHP system to supply cooling to the surrounding buildings


Established in April 1990, Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Limited liability Company became an A&B shared listed joint venture company in Nov. 1994. It was rated as "the top ten enterprise in developing the first Shenzhen  circular economy" and was awarded the "energy cascade recycling enterprise". Thanks to its obvious location  advantages, Shenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Plant is the center point of that area, which covers all government  agencies, hospitals, hotels, large commercial buildings, subway station and residential complex in south  peninsula area within 10-15km radius.

With the rapid development of economy, the contradiction between power supply and demand is more and more  prominent, especially the popularity of urbanization and air-conditioning, which not only worsened the peak-valley difference of power grid, but also seriously restricts the safe and efficient operation of grid. Development and  utilization of power plant waste exhaust, low grade hot water and steam to supply cooling directly can not only improve the disposable energy utilization rate, stabilize the air-conditioning peak electricity, but also diminish industrial production peak power, thereby reducing the pollution caused by air-conditioning, which can benefit the nation and people. This project drew a great attention from Nanshan district government. Shenzhen municipal development and reform bureau said that: Using the steam and exhaust heat produced by the natural gasgenerator. in the power plant, through the heat pipe to provide surrounding buildings with cooling can realize the energy cascade utilization of summer air- conditioning load, optimize the power system to replace the existing fuel oil boiler. That's to say, this project has a good effect on deceasing pollutant emission and isan important measure of in energy-saving and circular economy development. This project has been appointed as the national second batch of circular economy pilot, which is one of the only two pilot projects in power field, by National Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries.


According to the calculation did by some relative professional institutions, if the Nanshan power co-generation project can meet the designed load, it can meet the cooling needs of 1,900,000 ㎡ area; it can save 33.41MW power for Shenzhen grid, which is equivalent to saving 0.242 billion Yuan power plant and power grid investment. This part of grid can create GDP output about 1.57 billion Yuanfor Shenzhen. Saving power can reduce 189,700 ton CO2 and 1595 ton SO2 emission separately with remark able social and environmental benefits. Thanks to this project, a great contribution has been made inenergy-saving, emission reduction and circular economy as well as the green in GDP in shenzhen city.