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Xiamen Hongxin Special Fiber


Project name: Xiamen Hongxin Special Fiber Co., Ltd ProductionTechnical Improvement

Project location: North Industrial Park, Xiangan Xiangbei, Xiamen city

Investor: Xiamen Hongxin Special Fiber Co., Ltd

Equipment selection: 2300kw LiBr absorption chiller especially for chemical

                                   Industry; 1745kw single effectsteam LiBr absorption chiller

Mainfeature: Using ultra-low pressure to supply cooling to production process


Covers an area of 150 mu, Xiamen Hongxin Special Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high quality fiber to  domestic synthetic leather company, which is the biggest production base for compositeultra - fine difference fiber.

This company is affiliated to Singapore Main Board Listing Fiber technology Group. The main products include  figured island composite ultra-fine stable fiber. Polyster filament, polyster/polyamide font composite ultra-fine fiber and figured island super fiber leather.


This project uses ultra-low pressure (0.06Mpa) to supply cooling to production process. Moreover, these chillers are applied in fiber production factory, so the steam used for chiller induce large corrosive components. In order to  ensure the normal and stable operation of the chiller, Deepblue technical department spend much more time to improve the chiller's inner structure and materials.