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Linqu Western Thermal Power Station Project Steam LiBr Absorption Heat Pump

Project location: Linqu, Shandong

Equipment selection: 1 unit 31.33MW steam LiBr absorption heat pump

Main function: Exhaust heat recovery and district heating


There are 3 unit back-pressure coal fired steam boiler, generating 450,000m³ exhaust gas per hour.

Hope Deepblue cooperated with Yurunfeng technology company, which signed the EMC with thermal power station, to build a exhaust waste heat recovery system, including LiBr absorption heat pump, spray tower and some other system components, with annual recovery heat 130,000 GJ, bring greate conomic benefits for power station and city heating.

Hope Deepblue provided 1unit LiBr absorption heat pump for this Linqu thermal power station with heating capacity of  31.3MW. The centralized heat supply station is a exhaust waste heat recovery system.

The unit recovers 20 ℃ (50 ℃-30 ℃) exhaust heat from the wet desulphurization of 3 unit 75-ton coal-fire dsteam boilers. In the heating season, 130,000 GJ waste heat can be recovered, and can supply heating to 500,000 ㎡ areas, bringing huge economic benefits to the enterprise and making important contributions to environmental protection.

The system is convenient for enterprises to recover waste heat energy, increase urban heating area, and bring huge economic benefits to heating supply enterprises, such as power plant, steel plant.

Technical Data

Heating capacity: 31.33MW/unit                             Qty: 1 unit

DHW inlet: 45°C                                                       DHW outlet: 65°C

Driven steam pressure: 0.25MPa(G)                         COP: ≥1.71

Dimension: 9900*5100*8500mm                             Operation weight: 123.1 t/unit