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Inner Mongolia New Hengfeng Power Station 2*350MW Thermal Power Station Project

Project location: Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Equipment selection: 2 unit 73.15MW Low Pressure LiBr absorption heat pump

Main function: City heating

General introduction

New hengfeng extension project of power plant 2 * 350 MW co-generation unit (hereinafter referred to as "the project"), mainly to solve Qinghe district heat load demand, meanwhile it can alleviate Guyang district power coal supply, turn the coal on the spot, which can improve the added value, increase local fiscal revenue, reduce regional employment pressure, accelerate the development of related businesses quickly, promote the industrialization process, maintain the stability of the region and the economic development of ethnic minority areas. 

The co-generation units and peak-regulating boilers provide heating for 18 million ㎡ of urban residents.

Among them, the peak of co-generation units meets the heating capacity of 11 million ㎡ of urban residents, and the rest of the heating capacity is supplied by peak-regulating boiler houses.The heating heat index is 51.2W/㎡, and the supply and return water temperature of the heating grid is 110/55°C.

Technical Data

Heating capacity: 73.15MW/unit                               Qty: 2 unit

DHW inlet:55°C                                                          DHWoutlet: 82°C

Low pressure temp./steam: 51°C/13kPa (A)              Driven steam pressure: 0.3MPa

COP: >1.75

Dimension: 11300*5440*9000                                   Operation weight: 288t/unit

Main features and innovations:

- The low pressure steam goes directly into the heat pump unit

- Automatically constant turbine exhaust pressure

- Automatically ensure heating temperature

- Remote monitoring

- Two stage evaporator and absorber, two stage generator and condenser

- Equipped with steam temperature and pressure reduction system

- With steam and condensate water recovery system

- With its own low pressure steam condensate recovery system


Calculated based on heat pump COP value 1.75, 2 units of 73 MW heat pump can recycle waste heat of 64.5 MW from low pressure steam, central heating days 160 days, 24 hours heating, the total waste heat recovery of heat pump in heating season is 890463 GJ, 10 CNY per GJ heat, can produce the economic benefits of 17.81 million CNY/year, save 34000 tons/year of standard coal, and can save low pressure steam cooling water 36.5 tons/year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 87500 tons/year.