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Xinjiang East Hope Group Polycrystalline Silicon Project


Project name: The second line of the first phase polycrystalline silicon(with annual output 15,000 ton) refrigeration station

Project location: Xinjiang Huaidong economic and technical development zone

Investor: Xinjiang East Hope New Energy Corp. Ltd.

Equipment selection: One unit steam LiBr absorption chiller DX(0.2)-580

Main parameter: Cooling capacity: 5800kW

                            Steam pressure: 0.2MPa

Project introduction:

Xinjiang East Hope New Energy Corp. Ltd is a subsidiary corporation of East Hope Group, located Xinjiang Changji  state Wucaiwan industrial park, covering area 2.8 square kilometers. It will produce 30,000 ton polycrystalline silicon  per phase, and the design annual output is up to 120,000 ton, which is one of the largest manufacture for  polycrystalline silicon in China. With the completeness of this project, the polycrystalline silicon’s and  monocrystalline silicon’s possession of share in international market will be highly improved.