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Malaysia MCKIP 3.5 Million Ton Steel Project


Project name: Malaysia MCKIP 3.5 Million Ton Steel Project

Project location: Malaysia MCKIP

Investor: Union Steel Group (Malaysia)

Equipment selection: Three unit steam LiBr absorption chiller SXZ6-504

Main parameter: Unit cooling capacity: 5047kW

Steam pressure: 0.6MPa

MCKIP 3.5 Million Ton Steel Project is established by Union Steel Group (Malaysia), which belongs to national key Belt and Road project. This project is an integrated and union project. It will start from minerals and other materials’ bring-in and end with rolled steel output. The coking progress will produce 1.1 million ton coke. The thermal element system is the public facility for coking progress, including LiBr absorption chiller station, desuper heating and pressure reducing station as well as the boiler room.

In order to meet the demand for low-temp water used to coal gas purification progress, this project adopt one LiBr refrigeration station, with 3 unit steam fired LiBr absorption chiller ( 2 unit keep operate, and 1 unit as the back-up). The station will whole year non-stop operation, which needs the products with high quality and high stability. It adopts semi-outdoor layout combined with the condensing water recycling station. The whole station also include some auxiliary facilities, such as condensing water collector, sub cylinder and sewage pump, etcs.