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Q: Central air conditioning system, what are the main equipment and facilities?

A: Mainly has: chiller, combined air conditioner, fan coil, cooling tower, water pump, control device, air duct, air valve, water valves.        ( 1 ) chiller Mainly refers to produce chilled water cooler. Refrigerating machine piston, absorption type, centrifugal type, temperature and so on, chiller by cooling the condenser divides into the air-cooled and water-cooled two. ( 2 ) combined air-conditioning unit In the return air system, apparatus for treatment of air, which is composed of some combination of air and different functions, a filter section, heat transfer, water retaining section, the fan section. ( 3 ) fan coil Is the installation of equipment recycling treatment of indoor air in the air between the layers, mainly has the surface cooler, fan and water collecting disk, fan coil is installed, concealed, vertical, cabinet etc.. ( 4 ) cooling tower Water-cooled chiller requires a lot of cooling water for cooling equipment, heating up the cooling water and the outdoor air heat exchange to cool, wet, which can be recycled. ( 5 ) pump Air-conditioning system cooling and freezing water in the circulation to overcome the resistance of equipment and pipeline, in the system to install water pump. ( 6 ) control device In order to ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment optimization and air conditioning device, in the system need to install many control instruments, such as thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure protection, water protection, some equipment and facilities is also provided with an automatic controller such as room temperature automatic control, refrigerator cold quantity is adjusted automatically. ( 7 ) pipeline system Air conditioning system in the return air duct, air valve, damper, chilled water supply and return water pipe, water pipes and accessories, valve is an important part of the air conditioning system. Section shape, rectangular duct with round two, the use of materials with a glass steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel etc.. Water pipes are commonly used in welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, aluminum pipe.

Q: Air conditioning system which mainly consists of several parts?

A: The work area ( or residential area). Usually refers to the air conditioning system the control range of the work area or region of the world, in this space, should maintain indoor air parameters required by the. The air transportation and distribution. Mainly refers to the transmission and distribution of air supply, return fan, air pipe, feed, air and other equipment. Part of the air treatment. Refers to the parameters of the air requirements, equipment, filtration, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, treatment of the air. Auxiliary equipment required and air treatment. This part of the equipment refers to equipment of cold and heat for air conditioning system, such as a boiler room, refrigeration station, chillers and other.

Q: Central air-conditioning system is mainly used in what areas?

A: Divided into air conditioning technology and comfort air conditioning. Air conditioning technology is mainly used in the workshop, workshop, equipment rooms, laboratories and other occasions; comfort air conditioning is mainly used in office buildings, residential, hospitals, shopping malls, shopping centers, hotels and other fields.

Q: what outstanding Has the advantages in the central air-conditioning system?

A: 1 ' can have returned to the air duct type air conditioner or fan coil to the tuyere. 2 ' can ensure the delivery of fresh air to the room, the room always keep the air fresh, health. 3 ' low investment, long service life, low noise, less failure repair 4 ' flexible and convenient for operation and management, low operating cost 5 ' condensate easy treatment 6 ' can work closely with decoration effect, the speed of the construction of luxury.

Q: what characteristic and advantage in the Ground-source heat pump system?

A: Can meet the heating and cooling requirements, but also can provide domestic hot water, reduce initial investment in equipment. Ground-source heat pump consumption 1 kwh of energy, the user can get the equivalent of about 4 kilowatt hour of heat or cold, running costs than traditional products, low 60% life of 25 years, and has the saving investment, independent accounting, unattended, maintenance costs are low. Using heat pump technology for building heating or cooling can greatly reduce the fuel consumption, not only energy, but also can reduce the burning of fossil fuels caused by the emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

Q: What is the principle source of the heat pump?

A: Source heat pump, usually refers to the integral water source heat pump, in units of the form, to the environment ( water source ) exothermic or endothermic, and water ( or other liquid medium ) or air, directly or indirectly cooling ( or heating ) object; water source heat pump, and development for the separation of water source heat pump combination of multiple units, namely, the water loop to the environment ( water source ) exothermic or endothermic, similarly to the water ( or other liquid ) or air, directly or indirectly cooling ( or heating ) object. This kind of water source heat pump and a water loop heat pump. Water source heat pump in the cooling conditions, the high temperature heat source can atmosphere; in the heating mode, the low heat and atmospheric, solar, waste heat or auxiliary heat source. Therefore, the application of water source heat pump is a certain region and place restrictions.